"Light" ...

... or every photo has its own story.

In May 2009, I wanted to participate in a photo competition on the topic of "light". It was a quiet night shift and I agreed with my colleague, a former photographer, that she would pose for me - she lay under the sheet and a series of pictures in the corridor of the operating theaters was born.

Unfortunately, a week later, Jana found out that she had cancer.

"A shiver ran down my spine. No way! I hope I didn¨'t bring it upon her?!" I thought to myself. I felt terrible and completely forgot about the photography contest. For more than a year I wasn't able to work with those photos, for more than a year I wasn't able to open the file. Respect for life and fear of death did not allow me to do so. I believed that the photographed message would not come true and that Jana would recover. 

She fought bravely and succeeded! She returned to work and even fulfilled her dream - she went to work abroad for several years.

And so the photo finally saw the light of day and became part of the series Operating Room, which travelled from exhibition to exhibition for three years.

Until recently, this is where the story ended. All's well that ends well.

But: you can't stop time...

The disease returned and Jana left this world in autumn 2021

She left for the light and all that remained of the story was a photo ...