Operating room

The set of photographs of the "Operating Room" was created in the years 2009 - 2012 at the Central Operating Rooms of the Surgical Clinic of the University Hospital Brno and contains 28 pieces of colour and black-and-white large-format images.

The aim of the photographs was to show the general public everyday life in this unique environment and thus bring the viewer closer to what happens around the patient when they fall asleep... The photographs capture moments of life and death, concentration on work and necessary rest, situations serious and cheefful, photos from real and staged operations, view on from both anesthesia and the operating field. The viewer thus has a unique opportunity to take a peaceful look into a world that is inaccessible to healthy people.

These photographs were first exhibited in 2013 in the Karel Dvořáček Library in Vyškov, then in 2014 they were viewed by patients and visitors of The University Hospital Brno, in 2015 they were exhibited in the atrium of the Hospital of the Brothers of Mercy in Brno and lastly in 2016 in the Workers' House and Gallery LíPa in Brno - Líšeˇn.

Today, you can view the entire collection in the foyer of the 3rd floor of the building L of the University Hospital Brno - Bohunice, where it forms a permanent exhibition.

As a gift, the photos returned to the place where they were taken...  link