The black-and-white documentary portraits of "Colleagues" were created in the Central Operating Rooms of the Children's Hospital of the Brno University Hospital between 2018 and 2021 quite spontaneously: at work while at work.

"Just like in photography, light plays a very important role in the operating room. When I saw how it glides over their surgical gowns, how the reflections of the instruments and gloves are reflected in their faces... And the emotions! It was impossible not to photograph it."

Some of these photos are part of the collection "Colleagues of the KDORL", which can be seen from September 2022 in the corridor in front of the secretariat of the Children's ENT Clinic (KDORL) on the 4th floor of Pavilion C, Children's Hospital of the FN Brno, Černopolní 9, where it forms a permanent exhibition. The dimensions of the prints are 100x70cm.

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