Covid 2020


There are memories that I would really like to erase from my memory forever, but so far it's somehow not possible... 

Photo report from the covidarium October - November 2020 


DARKNESS AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL - There, at the end of campus, was one of the many hastily set up covid stations I was assigned to... 

COVID 19 - Administration of blood derivatives was on the daily basis

TWO NURSES - I alternated after about 2-4 hours depending on the demands of the department, i.e. the current composition of patients

AT THE PATIENT'S BEDSIDE - That's how we saw you, dear patients, when our shields became foggy... 

WAITING FOR INFUSION - The clean and infectious zones were separated by a huge screen suspended from the ceiling on a metal cable, with only a small opening for passing anything...for example infusion 

NURSING DOCUMENTATION- Paper, where is written what should be done with the patient...

ON THE NIGHT SHIFT: 5 MORE MINUTES, PLEASE! - ...and quickly back into the overalls...

COFFEES - and there were bright moments too...

I NEED 4 PADS UNDER THE PATIENT! - Communication between the nurses in the infected and clean zones was different...but it always worked

TRANSMISSION - In the upper left, medications are prepared for patients, and in the lower right - just take them and go and give them. Nothing complicated, right?

CONTROL - To this day, I can still hear the crazy, hard and loud gasps for each breath of our patients in contrast to the gentle bubbling of the oxygen being administered

EXITUS - or death. A special procedure and folder was created for it. What to add..

DYING - Despite all our efforts and care for patients, we had to come to terms with the fact that death in a live broadcast would be our daily bread. And you really don't want that!

WHEELCHAIR AND WHEELBED - A child's drawing on the wall of the corridor added to the infectious helplessness

FUTILITY - and exhaustion... Why is all this happening?!?